Priscilla Khong

Creative Director, Gateway Entertainment
Principal Trainer and Motivator, Project SMILE
Asia's First Elite Diamond
Merlin Award Recipient
- Female Magician of the Year

Priscilla's professional magic career officially began when she assisted to conceptualise and performed From Illusion to Reality with her father at the Singapore Indoor Stadium in 2000.  The show, From Illusion to Reality then resulted in a whirlwind tour in Taiwan and was aired live there.

Since then, Priscilla has been performing with Lawrence all over the world. The show Magic of Love has toured China for five consecutive years, as well as Tokyo, Korea and the USA for two consecutive years. The duo has also performed at some of the best theatre venues worldwide.

Inheriting her father's passion and talent for magic and illusions, Priscilla has also trained under the grand masters of magic including The Great Tomsoni, Jeff McBride, Haruo Shimada and Jonathan Pendragon. Being a magic performer is simply an extension of Priscilla's talent and desire to perform on stage, having been a prolific jazz, hip-hop and ballet dancer. A sharp eye coupled with an avid passion for magic has allowed her to excel as Creative Director on the various shows that she has collaborated with her father under the world renowned Magic of Lawrence & Priscilla (MOLP) label. 

Mirroring her father's love for community building and service, Priscilla takes time off from the stage to conduct magic classes for aspiring young magicians under her school of magic - Magic Circle of Lawrence & Priscilla. In 2002, she spearheaded Project SMILE ("Sharing Magic ILove Everywhere") together with Lawrence, where aspiring magicians learn and perform their craft to bring joy and hope to the less fortunate and needy in our society.

As principal trainer and key driver behind every project she heads at GE and at Project SMILE, Priscilla coaches students, youths and adults by combining magic with life lessons or business objectives. In 2010, through the Qian Qian Shou(Thousand Linking Hands) project, she led youths from Singapore and China to embark on an expedition to various parts of China to share the joys and wonders of magic with the disadvantaged communities in China.  

Priscilla is determined to make magic more than just a spectacle and believes that magic is a powerful and universal communication tool that transcends all ages and cultures. During her free time, Priscilla loves to indulge in a wide range of activities that range from Capoeira, swimming and rollerblading, to snowboarding, wake-boarding and diving.

In 2010, Priscilla became the first in Asia to receive the Elite Diamond Merlin Award for the Female Magician of the Year conferred by the International Magicians Society. This prestigious award, presented to the highest achievers in magic, is equivalent to the Academy Awards, or Oscars, for films and the Emmy Awards for teleVISION productions.

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