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VISION Press Conference in Shanghai

As part of its strategic initiative to expand their footprint and influence in China, Gateway Entertainment (GE), staged a press conference cum magic performance in Shanghai to promote VISION’s unprecedented debut in China this October. Held at the Qianshuiwan  Little Theatre and headlined by Lawrence and Priscilla Khong, the event was hosted by GE’s Deputy CEO Jonathan Ow and Dr Nina Khong, GE’s Executive Producer.

Prompting the theme ‘Defying Gravity’, this highly anticipated event was attended by more than 80 journalists who were eager to get a first-hand encounter with Singapore’s very own award winning father & daughter illusionists, while being treated to a mesmerizing repertoire of illusions. Adding to the magical mystery of the event by defying logic and gravity were the Space Ghost and the Voikos Levitation illusions that further enforced the event’s theme of making the impossible…possible – much to the delight of the audience.

Needless the say, the magical atmosphere and mood was at its peak by the time the illusionists presented the mind-boggling Losander floating table illusion and the quirky “Op Art” to the mesmerised guests. Besides driving publicity for VISION’s showcase October, the event and repertoire of illusions served as a herald to seed interest and top of mind recall in an aggressive Arts & Entertainment market - hungry for world class entertainment. 

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...evolution of a masterpiece

See the biggest magic and theatre showever staged in Asia 
at exclusive invitation-only premiere performance

Shanghai, China, 14 May 2014 – Magic fans and theatre aficionados in China can look forward to a spectacular magic and world class theatre when VISION makes its unprecedented debut in China this year.

This was the outcome of the successful business mission by Gateway Entertainment Pte Ltd (GE) to bring its successful illusion theatre masterpiece to an international audience – beginning with Shanghai. The trip concluded with the signing of a letter of intent for tripartite cooperation between the Shanghai International Culture Exchange Association, Asia United Broadcasting Limited and GE to showcase VISION at the Shanghai Cultural Square Theatre in October, and extending it to various key cities across China in 2015. This is the first such collaboration and a decisive milestone in GE's unprecedented foray into a market that is aggressively promoting its Arts & Entertainment industry to the world.

According to the terms of the agreement, all three parties affirm their commitment to successfully stage VISION; including promoting it in a manner that will attract both China and international audiences.

Within this framework, the three partners seek to benefit from each other's respective strengths and experiences to cooperate again in future international endeavours.

To further strengthen its presence in the region, GE will also profile VISION to trade and industry delegates at the prestigious China Shanghai International Arts Festival, also held in October.

"Showcasing VISION to an international audience not only testifies of its world class standard, but also gives us a wonderful opportunity to be ambassadors of Singapore's vibrant Arts & Entertainment scene," says Lawrence Khong, Founder and Chairman of GE. "We hope to build on this traction to seed even greater possibilities in China and Asia that are deeper in purpose and scope."

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