About the Show

It began with a desire to merge the grandeur of stage theatre with mind-bending illusions that led Lawrence and Priscilla to pioneer the genre of illusion-theatre - an extraordinary mix of two diverse arts forms that are woven together by an elaborate storyline. Unlike traditional magic presentations that exist as a silo act, this unique collaboration sees the storyline driving the repertoire of illusions - a complex task that Magic of Lawrence & Priscilla have excelled through their elaborate productions, including their latest mega offering, VISION.

VISION is the largest and most elaborate illusion-theatre spectacle not just in Asia, but in the world. From a flashy sports car and a giant 14-foot playground slide, to an international dance troupe of 16 dancers, 100 costumes and more than 35 illusions, Lawrence and Priscilla have spared no effort to make VISION an iconic theatre piece. A $2-million dollar production two years in the making, VISION's production and elaborate stagecraft have been helmed by the best minds in the business, including Don Wayne Magic – former magic consultant to Britney Spears, Michael Jackson and television specials such as The Magic of David Copperfield.

"In terms of the scale and elaborateness of the production, I rank VISION as one of the biggest magic shows not just in Singapore, but in the world - not just for both father and daughter pushing the boundaries of magic, but also for its cutting-edge creativity and innovativeness," Don says.

VISION garnered more than 16,000 ticket sales (92.5%) when it made its debut at Singapore's iconic Esplanade Theatre in July 2011. It remains one of the biggest illusion and theatre shows ever staged in Asia. 

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